Ciocolată cu sânge RaspberryBlood

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Fine dark couverture 70 % and raspberry chocolate

With a few real blood drops from our animals in the Edible Zoo.

Why make such a scandalous chocolate shocker?
Josef Zotter: “Simply because I want to challenge certain tolerance limits and moral values. Why is factory farming being tolerated while a few blood drops in chocolate are a scandal? I ask myself what is really more scandalous. We have created an organic farming world of experience with our Edible Zoo, where all animals live species-appropriate out in the open air, almost picturesque and yet real! In the eco restaurant, visitors can enjoy organic food that comes directly from our own pastures and gardens. Blood is not at all disgusting to me as a meat eater, no, it is, in fact, a very valuable substance that should not be pointlessly wasted. That is our holistic approach and I would wish that people would once again become aware of the holistic dimension. Where does my food come from, what is behind it?”
Of course there is also a fruity raspberry chocolate ganache in this creation, which we combined with cornel cherry jelly because cornel cherries are often assumed to be poisonous, even though they are an old remedy. Covered with dark, high-percentage chocolate.

Rumour mill: Of course blood is only contained in this one creation, where it is explicitly stated in the title.

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Hand-scooped Chocolates
70 g bar

Termen de valabilitate: 5 luni de la data fabrica?iei.

Noble Bitter Chocolate° filled with Cornelian Jelly°(22%) and Raspberry Blood Ganache°(30%)

Ingredients: raw cane sugar°, cocoa mass°, cocoa butter°, cornelian puree°(8%), fructose-glucose syrup°, milk°, almonds°, dried raspberries°(2%), blood°(2%), butter°, skimmed milk powder°, lemon concentrate°, apple balsam vinegar°, gelling agent: apple pectin, elderberries concentrate°, emulsifier: soy lecithin°, salt, lemon powder°(lemons° & corn starch°), caraway°, vanilla°, thyme oil°

Cocoa (cocoa mass and cocoa butter): 70% minimum in the Noble Bitter Chocolate°
Traded in compliance with Fairtrade standards: raw cane sugar°, cocoa mass°, cocoa butter°
Total: 70%.
°from controlled organic cultivation

May contain traces of peanuts, eggs, celery and sesame.

Informa?ii nutri?ionale (în g /100g)
Energie kcal 437
Energie kJ 1821
Fett 27
davon gesättigte Fettsäuren 16
Kohlenhydrate 41
davon Zucker 38
Eiweiss 5,2
Salz 0,16